SO, you’ve discovered the Sesamoid music page huh? Well congratulations you beautiful person, cause your whole life is about to change. You may THINK you’ve heard music before, but once you put my band’s sweet sounds in your ears you’ll have to get new drums… EAR DRUMS THAT IS! I should be paid for making good jokes AND good music.Speaking of drums, that’s what our fabulous leader (ME) Quinn plays! Along with my bandmates Griff on vocals, Piper on guitar, Warren on bass and our NEW addition Rue on keyboards (and her magical purple dog-thing I guess) we’ve been rocking out together since 2007! We dropped our first big single “Adventricular” to celebrate booking a gig at the currently closed down Minu-Skull venue and even put out a video with Rue’s silly little drawings of us. We hit some ANNOYING roadblocks along the way in that damned ice cream truck we’re stuck with, but we got to completely blow up the place that night!Right now we’re cooking up a bunch more new songs in my AWESOME STUDIO, which is NOT my grandma’s garage STOP ASKING!!! We can’t wait to put these diamonds out into the world for your listening pleasure. So PLEASE check us out on all our websites and share whenever we drop a new hit! My band is gonna take over Veilport and then the whole world with our music. Sesamoid will NEVER die!